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Importance of customer experience

What is CX?

When we say “experiences,” most people think about “user experience/ UX” or “marketing”. These are just parts of the larger “CX” of a brand. Customer Experience is the sum total of perceptions & feelings resulting from interacting with a brand through various touch points. 

For any business, “customer experience” is spread across 10 pillars.

  1. Marketing
  2. Communication (internal/ external)
  3. Digital assets (websites/ e-com/ mobile apps/ instore apps etc)
  4. Content
  5. Purchase points
  6. Delivery
  7. Usage
  8. Service
  9. Support
  10. Middle and back-office processes (that drive all the points above)

What is CX & Why is it important?

Most companies focus on sales and growth. What they forget is that “sales & growth” are outcomes of great customer experiences. If your customers are not having great experiences with your brand, they are not going to buy, or stay with you. Today every product or service is getting commoditized. The only differentiation that can help a brand grow will be “experience”.

To achieve this, brands need to focus on having a holistic view of customer experience and strive to deliver this across all pillars.

For example, your website may have a brilliant user experience. But the marketing message to the potential customer may not be in-sync with the emotion or experience you are striving to achieve. Or after a great web experience, the purchase or usage of your product may be mediocre.

To deliver a consistent, synchronised, and positive experience across these points, you must have:

  1. A CX strategy in place
  2. Design & implement various CX ideas
  3. Monitor/ track/ measure 
  4. Improve overall CX. 
  5. Repeat the process

To sum-it-up, if you are trying to grow your brand and sales, its time to focus on delivering great experiences to your customers, across all points of your business.

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