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Transforming business of a tech-consulting firm through digital, ux and content transformation

Case Study – 360-Degree Digital Media Transformation for a Tech Consulting Firm USA

The Challenge

A growing tech-consulting firm in the US, the client was competing with some large organizations in their segment and was struggling to get traction in marketing. Their website was getting just about 2500 visitors from organic search, and a couple of leads.

The Solution

We started with user research to understand their existing customers and potential clients. Our user research showed two things.

  • Potential clients were looking for authentic and reliable information on the niche subjects the client was operating in.
  • Many of them were looking at getting their internal team trained in various branches of this niche.

The audit of existing digital assets (website/ social media) and content assets gave us the following insights.

  • The website followed a “dump-everything-at-once” approach. With long-scrolling pages filled with content talking about what their services are (sales-focused).
  • Social media posts were mainly service/product-focused posts.

CX Journey Mapping

After mapping the customer experience journey, the website turned out to be the main touch point for most stages. Customers from the discovery stage would end up on the website, and customers in the consideration/ evaluation stage too would be on the website. To address this, we started the re-design & development of the website.

Mapping Content

We used our proprietary content framework to map their existing content. This generated a clear view of missing content pieces, which were critical for different experience stages. Once this was clear, our content production team embarked on a content design & development activity. As part of this, we created 100s of pieces of content – from product datasheets to white papers, case studies, reviews & testimonials, videos, articles, questions & answers etc.

UX Design

A UX (User Experience) design sprint was held to create an intuitive website, that would address various types of users who are in different stages of their journey. The website was designed in such a way that accessing the information was easy, however it was split into 3-4 levels to address various stages of customer experience journey.

For example, a highly-detailed and technical datasheet was available only at a 3rd level, when potential customers were evaluating the brand. At the initial stage, they would find statistics and facts on the importance of a particular service or product, and snapshot of each offerings.

Technology Solutions

We set up a new robust CRM tool, and tightly integrated it with the website’s various lead forms and data download points. Using this CRM tool, the client’s team was able to track each lead and manage the nurturing efficiently.

Marketing Automation

A cloud-based marketing automation tool was integrated with the website and CRM. Smart workflows were designed, tested and deployed for various types of leads.

Other Activities

After the launch of the new website, the following activities were implemented for 1 year period.

  • Social Media Management
  • Inbound Content Marketing & SEO – Webinars

Monitor/ Improve

We closely worked with the client’s team and monitored activities and results using various tools, including Google Analytics. Insights were generated to improve various touchpoints, sections/ pages and content

Results/ output/ benefits

Organic traffic jumped from 2500 a month to about 35000 a month, by end of the year.

The average monthly leads generated jumped from 2 to 30.

Sold products worth 25,000 USD+ in a matter of few months.

One of the biggest corporations found them through organic search and retargeted ad campaigns, and was converted into a big account client.

Generated 15x Return in just 1 year.


A growing company in a high-competitive segment turned around their marketing and sales through 360-degree digital media services. They generated more than 15x returns in the 1st year itself.