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Vaishnavi Estate Coffee 2022
Vaishnavi Estate Coffee (VEC) is a top coffee grower from Coorg, India. They have been growing coffee since 1928 in their estates. When VEC wanted to launch their own brand of fresh-coffee powder, it was a given that we need to produce some great visuals that capture the real side of the brand.
A legacy of around 100 years, 3 generations of coffee growers... Vaishnavi Estate is a dream-come-true for a coffee aficionado. They grow sustainable, shade-grown coffee, that is roasted & ground fresh, before packing.

The human side of sustainable, single-origin & shade-grown coffee of Vaishnavi Estate.

We wanted to capture the honest and down-to-earth side of the brand. Nothing can be better than capturing the real people behind this terrific coffee. The images are not touched-up, but true and grounded. Just like these people and the coffee they grow.